Jobs and Infrastructure

It's pretty apparent that the infrastructure in our communities has pot holes, crumbling curbs, out-of-date bridges, and more. Our roads and sidewalks need upgrading.

From the Mohawk Valley to the Adirondacks, our area has so much potential to create new jobs. With better roads and quality broadband Internet in rural areas, businesses will be able to expand inside and outside of the area.

Keith will collaborate with the local chambers of commerce, unions, and start-up support companies to hear and work towards making all new ideas for job creation a reality.

Count on Keith to:

  • Encourage vocational and apprenticeship programs

  • Focus on green jobs and support relevant training

  • Support and protect unions


Health Care

The level and quality of healthcare should be top notch for everybody. Keith will vote for the NY Health Act because all New Yorkers deserve continuous healthcare coverage especially when switching jobs, growing their families, and starting a new business venture. When life threatening illnesses surprise us, we shouldn't have to stress about financial burdens, but instead about getting better to be there for our families.

Count on Keith to:

  • Vote for the NY Health Act

  • Advocate for lower prescription drug prices


Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation

Prisons are not the best providers of mental healthcare, yet too often the population in jails are suffering from drug addiction and should instead be in rehabilitation centers. Let's get our friends and loved ones who are on a difficult path back on track.

Count on Keith to:

  • Work on ending over prescription of opioids

  • Increase funding for mental health



Our public education should be the foundation for knowledge and success in life for everyone. We're so grateful for the incredible impact on children's lives by union teachers. Schools are the bedrock of our communities. Let's keep them being a safe environment for learning and personal growth.

Count on Keith to:

  • Fight for increased education funding

  • Regularly hear from school boards on the most pressing needs that can be addressed in Albany


Voting Expansion

New York is behind the ball when it comes to access to the ballot box. Everyone eligible to vote should have zero obstacles to do so.

Bad politicians get elected when good people don’t vote. We need more people participating in every election. If your kid is sick or you have to work a double shift at work on election day, life happens and you may not make it to the polls. Other states don’t have that problem because of early voting. Keith wants to vote on legislation that will make voting easier for everyone.

Let's modernize our voting laws by:

  • Support automatic voter registration

  • Fight for early voting including vote by mail like Oregon and Washington


Workers Rights

The right to unionize should never be in jeopardy in NYS. JANUS is threatening labor’s existence, and a right-to-work New York would be detrimental to middle class union members. Local labor must always be pursued when giving contract opportunities. Workers have the right to unionize without fear of losing their job. Let's support unions by:

Let’s support unions by:

  • Opposing JANUS

  • Prioritize local labor

  • Strengthen an employee's ability to organize

Women’s Rights

NYS needs to show women that their issues and rights are a priority. We absolutely need to end gender discrimination from the executive board room to the classroom. The availability of women's comprehensive healthcare shouldn't be a debate because healthcare is a human right.

Let's improve society by:

  • Ending sexual harassment in the work place

  • Close the gender wage gap

  • Increase the number of successful women-owned businesses


Economic Development:

The 118th District is struggling to attract jobs that keep people here. There is a massive need for repairs and upgrades to infrastructure like our roads and bridges. We also need expanded cell phone and internet service. The future of our district depends on our ability to adapt to ever-changing technology.

Keith will:

Push for funding and resources to jumpstart repairs and upgrades to infrastructure that will attract businesses to this district.

Keith will also work with area colleges and vocational schools to ensure their educational programs match the skill sets employers are seeking. We need a trained workforce to attract new jobs.


Guns & The Safe Act:

Keith supports 2nd Amendment rights. The values of the North Country and Upstate New York are far different than Downstate. Keith has heard from hundreds of voters who have expressed concerns over certain provisions in the SAFE Act— including a provision that restricts customization. These customizations could be as simple as a grip that’s used for comfort while hunting for an extended period of time.

Keith ‘s Promise:

Keith assures voters that if the SAFE Act hits the Assembly Floor for debate and discussion, he’d vote against it out of the interest of the people he’s serving in the 118th.

Marijuana Legalization: An Economic Way Forward

Keith is a supporter of legalizing marijuana in New York in order to create a new revenue system that is working in other states. The billions of dollars of new revenue would be equally split among the counties, which estimates show could be $242 million within the first 3 years. Our counties can address the opined epidemic, education, mental health and infrastructure issues with these resources.

Count on Keith to:

  • Lead the conversation in upstate NY on legalizing marijuana



Let’s face it, nobody thinks highly of New York government in Albany because of its reputation of corruption. Keith’s integrity will shine a light on any kickbacks, pay-to-play,and personal profit  he may see while in office, which all contribute to the lack of trust in elected representatives.

Count on Keith to:

  • Choose people over party

  • Support legislation that holds elected officials accountable


Budget Balancing

People in Keith’s district know exactly what projects and services need more funding. We need to spend money on what improves the quality of life for people back home, and decrease allowances for things that don’t. Let’s get down to business with balancing the budget so we can pull the plug on wasteful endeavors that don’t have a worthy return for our communities.

Count on Keith to:

  • Cut waste within all sectors

  • *Secure funding for local projects